Just before she passed away she spoke about the influences that mattered most:

“My father was such an important part of my life; he was a person who believed in what you could do for someone. He was committed and always there for me. When I received my First Class Honours that was my gift; my ‘I’ve done this for you’. And what I’m doing now is all for my daughter, to always be there and support her to follow her desires; to make a living out of being a creative individual - how magical is that.”

Her first inspiration:

“I wanted to be a penguin when I grew up. It’s still an important influence. I want to go to Antarctica to meet my brothers and sisters! Imagine the light in that place – it all relates back to the frozen landscapes that I’ve created.”

The joy of being an artist:

“You can transport your imagination. To say ‘I can make anything’ – I adore what I do.”

“What fascinates me is always 'what’s yet to be’ – the undiscovered.”