the process
  amanda brisbane
  frozen water
  leaf vessels
  flower vessels
  On Fire
  Spring 2009
  Fall 2009
  Spring 2011
  Rainbow Dust
  Untamed & Beautiful
  Majestic Skies
  Hidden Ocean
  Flight of Fantasy
  Clear Worlds

the process

Amanda’s work has a masterful fluency that depends entirely on the casting being completed in a single stage.  As the molten glass begins to solidify, she intervenes, manipulating it with her hands, coaxing new shapes to materialize.

It is an intense, engaging process which captures the exact moment the sculpture comes into being. Amanda replicates the essential characteristics of her designs, while slight variations in shape and colour only add to their beguiling, dramatic charm.

Each piece of glass is a subtle collaboration of artistry and chemistry. The Oxides used in the process are what help to define each sculpture. The end result is always something unique - an original work of art.